Family violence and animal abuse

There has been growing research into the links between pet abuse and family violence. Recently, FVREE contributed to the Domestic Violence NSW report on ‘Animals and People Experiencing Domestic and Family Violence’ to address the link between animal abuse and family violence. Download Report HERE.

The FVREE Animal-3Rs trainings, animal risk assessment and pets in peril program have been acknowledged and highlighted in this report and recommended as best practices in the sector. (pages 58, 59, 67, 69)

Studies in the US indicate that perpetrators who abuse pets pose a higher risk to women and their children, with increased rates of physical and sexual violence, stalking, and homicide.  

Pets in Peril

The FVREE Pets in Peril program aims to improve animal/pet safety in family violence situations, and partners with community agencies, veterinarians and volunteers to provide temporary shelter where needed.

Evidence indicates that perpetrators of family violence often threaten or harm family pets as a way of exerting power and control over family members.  In many cases, women remain in abusive relationships because they are concerned for pet safety or don’t know how to find alternative care for their pets.

Developed by FVREE founder Judy Johnson over a decade ago, FVREE is committed to increasing the capacity of Pets in Peril to respond and effectively support women who face this barrier.

Pets in Peril is currently an unfunded program, however the organisation continues to support this critical, much-needed service.

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